Blog as an exercise in continuous deployment

For a long time I've been planning on using continuous deployment methods for the blog. What this would do, I imagined, is create always avaialble backup and archive, and give me more practice in DevOps skills.

I would need to manage the source. Publishing the blog could be thought of as a build cycle. There's reallyno test in this case, but I'm sure I could install a test environment in front of the production (live) environment. Not sure how I would automate that. It's also always somewhat interesting to come up with an idea then execute it.

Because the docker-compose.yml file that is used to bring up my ghost instance with a volume for content (data) storage, it can function as part of the 'infrastructure as code' setup, along with server configs. In this case all I really need to do for server config is start up a new droplet, but I will look at this piece more in-depth later.

The GitHub repo is here:
Theoretically, when I publish, then push from my Digital Ocean vm to GitHub, this post will show up (along with any other new content) as data.

unsplash-logoDmitri Popov